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its 11 pm

2010-07-14 00:37:27 by simienthewhale

several keys are pulling off of my laptop. so far, i have no "z" key and no caps lock, also the one under the backspace key has been gone so long now, i forgot what it was altogether.

finally approved

2010-07-12 05:33:01 by simienthewhale

my music is finally up and running. rate and review, but who really cares anyway? YOU thats who. you'll thank me

whose got my NUGGETS??

2010-06-29 02:31:49 by simienthewhale

What a bummer.. my girlfriend left our bag at a friends house tonight.. god damn. was looking forward to baking cookies when i get out of work at 8 am, but now i'll have to wait until 2pm when she gets out. and to top it off, the rothbury music festival in michigan was canceled this year, and now i have basically nothing to look forward to for the rest of the summer... and i burned my arm with a cigarette and it formed a huge bulbous blister, and then a mosquito bit it. bit that shit good, too. its one of those things that you never imagine but only understand when it happens to you. like puking and farting simultaneously. THAT was interesting. but yeah, it itches AND hurts, and that is very weird.

fuck my life

2010-06-26 17:36:17 by simienthewhale

i hate having to work all night, and in return, have to sleep all day long while everyone i know is awake and out and about. and my bank is a blood-sucking scorpion in my pocket. my girlfriend can barely cope with it. at this point i've got nothing

fuck my life

ive been waiting for 4 days now for my 3 tracks to upload. . tick tock tick tock

The Music Is coming

2010-06-18 20:28:38 by simienthewhale

So I've been going to Newgrounds since the late 90s, but never created an account until recently. Now, I always knew that what makes this site great is that anyone can create and submit flash animations and stuff, which is something i like playing, but cannot do. Im a musician, not a computer dude... Not hating, just saying..

Anyways, i just realized that i couldve been uploading my music on here for YEARS. so WTF